2019 Bill Tracker - 86th Legislative Session

Below is a short summary of bills filed in the 2019 86th Legislative Session

  • SB 96 - Menendez (D) - Limits state-required assessments to students in grades 3-8 those required by federal law.
  • SB 52 - Zaffirini (D) - Allows out-of-state high school transfer students grades 11 and 12 to utilize IGC to meet graduation requirements.
  • HB 108 - Mary Gonzalez (D) - Establishes a pilot program to allow the use of digital portfolios in grades 3-8 as a percentage of student performance on assessments. SB 837 West (D) - Companion - Identical
  • HB 120 - Mary Gonzalez (D) - Extends the exemption of ELL students from assessments to two years.
  • SB 213 - Seliger (R) - Permanently established individual graduation committees as a path to meet high school graduation requirements. HB 677 Guillen (D)- Companion - Identical - HB 851 Huberty (R)- Companion - Identical
  • HB 525 - Tinderholt (D) - Limits tests to those required by federal law.
  • HB 671 - King (R) - Eliminates end of course exams (EOCs) and replaces them with a second Texas Success Initiative diagnostic assessment or a nationally normed assessment such as the ACT or SAT.
  • HB 736 - Landgraf (R) - Leaves the STAAR test in place but removes high-stakes attached to the exams.
  • HB 843 - Springer (R) - Adds two additional end of course exams (EOCs), Algebra II and English III.
  • HB 1244 - Ashby (R) - Replace US History EOC with civics test.
  • HB 1480 - VanDeaver (R) - Districts will be required to create an accelerated learning committee for each student that does not perform satisfactorily on 3rd grade reading or math.
  • HB 1603 - Goldman (R) - Allows US History dual credit course to serve as the History EOC requirement.
  • HB 1687 - White (R) - Eliminates all assessments that are not required by federal law.
  • HB 1991 - Leman (R) - Requires TEA to adopt procedures to identify nationally recognized assessments to be used as alternative assessments for high school achievement in mathmatics, reading, and writing.
  • HB 2002 - Leach (R) - Would require districts to report total expenses required to meet accountability requirments under STAAR.
  • HB 2005 - Leach (R) - Would require districts to provide an accelerated learning committee and an education plan for students who do not perform satisfactorily on third grade math or reading STAAR assessments.
  • HB 2013 - Gervin-Hawkins (D) - Requires implementation of TEA rules relating to administering accountability assessments be delayed for two school years after the school year in which the rule was adopted.
  • HB 2113 - Krause (R) - Would limit high school assessments to those required by federal law, require TEA to develop means for districts to select and administer assessment instruments from nationally normed assessments (TSI, SAT, ACT, PSAT, etc.).
  • SB 996 - Seliger (R) - Eliminates Social Studies and US History EOCs. (TAMSA Support)